Sunday, 19 February 2012

music video analysis

a)      In snow patrol – chasing cars the camera is always shooting close medium shots this is done to engage the viewers to the singer and to see the look on his face in which you can see how he feels.
b)      Medium shots and close ups have been used in this video this is to draw the viewers’ attention only to the singer. There is also an overhead shot too while the singer is lying on the floor. There isn’t any real movement from the camera.
c)      The main focus in the video is the main singer its always focused on him and nothing else this makes him the main focus of the video.
d)      This music video is not a narrative as it doesn’t show a story but it is conceptual. The video does reflect the words in the song but doesn’t show the story like other indie music videos which portray the story that the song is talking about. This shows that it is going against normal conventions of indie music videos.
e)      The editing used is skipping from a scene in a cafĂ© to him lying on the floor Its not heavily edited like other indie music video Another use of editing is when its one minute sunny then the next it is dark in seconds.
f)       The props are just the natural surroundings of the city nothing has been put in place that relates to the song.
g)      The singer is just walking through the city and lying on the floor in the underground and on a zebra crossing. This video doesn’t have any actually narrative.
h)      The video is not the best and it doesn’t follow conventions of indie music its not the most effective video in that respect but it does grab the attention of the audience

a)      Arctic monkeys- when the sun goes down.  They use snorri cam in their videos briefly this is to give the feeling that you are actually there. They also use a lot of medium shots and close ups they use free hand to film some scenes this is to give it a realistic feel to the video.
b)      Snorri cam was used as well as close ups and medium shots there are some instances where a medium long shot is used the camera is mostly at an angle
c)        the main focus was the girl actor in this video (she is on E4 hit show 'misfits') she was what they focused on the most
d)      The music video is a narrative they show the story of the song through the acting in the video. They use editing like quick cuts to different scenes to give the feeling of an event filled night and to make it feel fast paced in the middle of the song when the music is louder.
e)      To switch to other scenes the video is fast cut to the different scenes this is how they transition the video throughout
f)       The mise-en-scene develops the feeling of the girl actor being in a hopeless position and very bored with her life wanting better. They build the feeling of you being there in that position with the girl and you feel like its part of your life because the surroundings are so real and realistic of some of the places you get in England.
g)       the girl is on the streets just living her life but it all goes crazy as soon as the sun goes down this is shown by the distorted vision at points in the video.
h)      It is a very good film it is effective and gets you watching and listening to the song it follows many of the conventions of indie music so it would be a good template for the music video I will create.