Monday, 28 November 2011

netflix and web 3.0

Now offers movie rentals to PS3 and XBOX and now Nintendo Wii. People can rent movies online directly from the website to their console they expanded from sending DVD’s and even send to android phones. It has a monthly cost for users of this service as well.

social networks and web 3.0

Wink uses search results from there site and Google to be able to suggest websites or products that the user would like based on their searches. It is called a social search engine. People can give articles thumbs up or down this would reflect on the search results they get in the future as it would develop what the user likes only.
Google open social lets people create apps to make the internet more fun for users as they can build something they like. It also allows people to talk to their friends. It also helps people build websites easily. It also links all the social networks that the user is linked too so it’s all in one place.
Beacon was a part of Facebook's advertisement system that sent data from other websites to Facebook, to allow targeted advertisements and allow users to share their activities with their friends. Certain activities on partner sites were published to a user's News Feed. Beacon was launched on November 6, 2007. Facebook beacon was shut down in September 2009 after it was deemed too controversial and had a lawsuit filed against them.
It was feared that people had no more privacy if they had this service up and running as businesses would always know what each individual wanted. Some people feared that if they bought something but said they didn’t want it on Facebook that the company its self would still get this information and pass it on to other businesses to advertise their products to those people.

Twine and what it does for web 3.0

Twine was created in 2007 by Radar networks it uses ideas from web 3.0 to create a different type of social networking site. It lets the user categorise the information they search so it can give list of items that the user would be interested in due to the site picking up on the interests of that person.
It’s a normal social networking sites where you can send messages and private messages but you can also share information with people in your twine. A twine is where that users interests lie if they are interested in politics they will be able to send information to other people who are on the politics twine. Data can also be uploaded by users giving it a resemblance to Wikipedia.

Contradictions of web 3.0

“The semantic web (web 3.0) promises to ‘organise the worlds information’ in a dramatically more logical way than Google can ever achieve with their current engine design”
Marc Fawzi, Evolving trends
“Web 2.0 is a marketing term and I think you’ve just invented web 3.0”
Eric Schmidt CEO of Google
These two statements from two important people in the media world contradict each other as Marc Fawzi says it will be this amazing change from web 2.0 but Eric Schmidt does not even believe it exists.

Monday, 21 November 2011

health and safety

I will now go through the health and safety hazards we could encounter and how we would avoid these and keep safe while filming our music video:
·         Don’t climb tress- this goes without saying but climbing trees while we film in the forest should be avoided at all costs to avoid injury
·         Do not stand on any chairs to film only on safe and stable platforms- this is because again we avoid injury this way if we ever needed to film a high level shot
·         Make sure we travel to filming destinations safely and plan in advance- this is to minimise risk of being unsafe and planning will help everyone keep safe and know where they should go.
·         Notify a parent or guardian the exact location of where you will be filming- this is so people will know where to find you in cases of emergency and to prevent worry.
·         Keep away from train tracks during filming- this is because it may not be the safest place for a large group of people to film therefore we will not film near a train track
·         Do not use dangerous items for props- this is to prevent injury anything that could cause injury should be avoided

shooting script questions

a.       What do you need to show to establish environment? To establish the environment that we wish to convey we will need to use natural lighting and bright colours. The surroundings also need to be natural and mostly forest like areas or anywhere with plant life as it follows the convention of this genre of music.                                                                                                                      
b.      When do you show establishing info? 
this will be done from the beginning to try and build the story up from the start and hopefully make it east to follow.                                                                                                        
c.       When do characters move and how to show movement (follow character / make shot wider / let character leave frame / show another character’s eye line change) when characters move we will largely be following them just to see what they do this creates the effect of being there with the character.                                                                                                                                         
d.      If relevant, at each significant moment, whose POV are we sharing - does POV shift? When / how? At one point of our music video we will share the point of view of the boy this will be done by seeing through his eyes this will be done by using the camera right in front of the eyes of the boy so it looks like it’s his eyes we are seeing through.                                                               
e.      What are significant eye lines and when do they change?                                                                            
f.        When / why does the camera move? The camera will move with to keep the character in shot this will be done so the audience can develop a full understanding of what’s happening and why. It will make it easier to tell the story through the music video.                                                            
g.       How can you use composition to show relationships / develop narrative (framing, focal length, arrangement of characters, etc)? to show a relationship we must plan carefully how the characters are placed or even just the facial expressions as this will show the audience what relationship they have with particular characters.                                                                                                           
h.      What kind of coverage do you need (critical moments should have more coverage / more editing options)? For the in the forest scene this will be the part of the video with most coverage but at other points in the music video that will need more editing is the part where the boy is watching the girl this is because it will be showing his love and his madness at the same time so clever editing may be needed.  

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Clay Shirky Essay

Media has changed so much over the past 20 years it’s almost unrecognisable. The emergence of the internet has made all the past media practises line up side by side. This is because now every newspaper local or national, radio station, Film Company and even telephone services are available for use on the internet. This is how far media has gone as present Clay Shirky says this. Internet has also transformed the audience’s role in media before the audience were passive and just consumed media but now they are becoming the leading produces in media too. Shirky said that now the audience are the leading produces in media they even out produce professional media companies.
Shirky says that new media only becomes socially interesting when we begin to take it for granted this is because we all learn how to use it and can use it in new ways so we can make it more attractive to the audience . Shirky also says that internet media is ‘global, ubiquitous and cheap’. Shirky uses China as an example of media development, China is a country that is universally secretive the Chinese government does not allow all the news go global as a form of social control. An example of this was an earthquake that hit china was not reported on the worlds press until 3 months after it had hit but due to the rise of social media people connected in china and came the rise of the citizen reporter the next time an earthquake hit it was already known to the world press as it happened this showed that the ‘great firewall of china’ can be overcome from the audience reporting on incidents due to this breach in news china has banned social media.
Due to these changes in media it is now reported that we media will overtake professional media outlets. Audiences changed from being passive to being more active members of media. Shirky says that this has never been seen before as now it’s not only the audience talking back to the media companies but to other members of the audience which is the biggest and most uncontrollable form of media right now.

Sunday, 13 November 2011

how people in the UK book their holidays

As internet has expanded in uses more and more people use it even to get relaxation. For instance now people book holiday’s online. This makes it faster and easier to book a holiday but also raises the competition for the airline companies as they have to be able to entice the customers more than the other businesses. In 2009 the amount of people taking shot breaks fell by 13% this information came from the association of travel agents trend report surveys. This meant that in 2009 the financial crisis of the recession finally began to dig in to the customers who would normally take short breaks abroad. The numbers started falling after 2006 this is when the recession had first began in the UK the numbers fell for 3 years. But despite this drop in numbers the amount of passengers where the highest ever recorded.  The research done by iCrossing showed that Spain and France where the most popular destinations for holiday makers, while the most popular long haul flight was to the USA with 2.5 million people going there. Mintel’s Domestic Tourism report showed that Britain’s domestic tourism went up by an estimated 5% in 2009. The report also said that 2.5 million people had taken a staycation which is when they stay in the country but take trips to different places in the UK. Other reports say that over 84 million trips in the UK where undertaken by the UK residents. This shows that people still went online to find these places and to book hotels but never left the country. Research by compete showed that the industry’s recovery from the recession began in 2009
Technology is used a lot these days especially for holiday bookings. Forrester says that over 10% of European travellers used their mobile phones to look at flight or train schedules. Research showed that interest in city breaks dropped in 2009 this is because people would rather have one long holiday and not a number of small holidays. They would be able to get the most from their holiday by doing this. As people now have a better knowledge on how to use the internet they have looked for trusted travel brands rather than the generic brands that offer city breaks. This shows what impact internet can have on businesses and how they book flights.  Instead of people searching ‘cheap flights’ or ‘cheap hotels’ people now actually name the flight companies such as easy jet and Ryanair as they know that they have cheaper flights than most airline companies and when looking for hotels they already know the cheap hotels that won’t set them back by much such as travel lodge or premier inn. The most searched holidays on the internet are ones for hen and stag parties and New Year while romantic holidays are also very popular in the UK. The most popular holiday search destination is New York with Paris coming second from this travel companies can either lower pricing to make people want to go more than they already did or raise the price as they know people will still want to go. London came third on this list!  But the list also shows that the most popular holiday searches are all within Europe and not long haul flights with the exception of New York.  London has the most popular accommodation searches in Europe with over 15million people searching it.
The most popular form of travel is still flights with trains coming in second this could be because flights are the fastest and people get to enjoy their holiday more than they would if they had to catch a train or take a ferry. It shows that people are willing to pay more for comfort and quick arrival at their destinations than taking a more time consuming but cheaper way of getting there. When people go to book a holiday they normally research where they are going but they don’t want to read a long article they would rather a short advice page. People look up things to do before they go on holiday or restaurants this is so they can get the most enjoyment out of their stay at that destination. When people book their hotels they always look at the discounts on offer if they find one they are most likely going to choose that hotel this is because it  is cheaper and people can stay in 4 star hotels rather than a 3 star hotel which might be cheaper but without a lure of discounts are not as popular. The two most popular flight sales brands are and they get the most searches for cheap flights to Paris which shows that they are trusted to give cheap flights to people before therefore they come back for the same reason. This is what many businesses do not do which is why they are far behind.  The business with the most transport business is this is because when people search cheap flights in search engines their name is always on the first page which is where customers normally look if they are going to book their holiday because for them to be on the front page of Google they must be popular and well trusted. Some web-based travel companies devote their business to one destination. The most popular for London is the reason its trusted by people booking holidays is because sites like this can give information that other generic sites couldn’t therefore would be the better choice when booking to that particular place.
Women dominate the holiday planning therefore if a business wanted to attract more customers they would need to put out special deals that could appeal to both genders but more to the female as she would decide where the family would be going. The most popular destinations for women v men are romantic places such as Barcelona and Dublin while men book holidays to Dubai and Amsterdam more than women. Some flight companies use social media such as twitter and Facebook to promote their business  and even offer special deals to them if they ‘like’ their page or follow them on twitter this is a new form of promotion to influence the customers on where they should shop for their flights.

Monday, 7 November 2011

RIP Marco Simioncelli

The death of 24 year old Marco Simoncelli in the Malaysia grand prix caused a media rush all different news broadcasters reported on his death it was put on all media platforms. even iPhone uses with the eurosport app got a message on their phone telling them of the death of Marco. It came a week after the death of Dan Wheldon the media says this highlights the danger of motor sports which has now become an ongoing debate. After his death webmasters of his offical website have used the website as an online memorial for everyone to pay their respects to a truly gifted man. his death caused a state of shock and mourning all over italy. AC Milan the team Marco supported dedicated their win against Lecce to him and wore the black armband as a sign of respect. but what was most of all touching was how many people went to the town of birth for Marco's the town is called Coriano. The italian media where shocked and heartbroken with one presenter who was close to him crying on air, even a week after his death it is still a story that the italian press keep posting this is because italy as a nation is in grief. The moto GP riders payed tribiute to their fellow rider by putting up a banner and every single one of the riders had the number 58 on their uniform and their bikes in valencia. He was much loved in italy and he was a bright spark in the italian sports scene.
Ciao Marco Simoncelli Grande Campioni

costumes & props

The type of clothing that the actor in the video will have is indie styled to go with the genre of the video. It will be a suit because the boy will be going to 6th from so would need to be smartly dressed but the suit would still need to have some indie style to it therefore the trousers should be skinny jeans as a way of incorporating both styles into one.

The girl will be wearing light colourful dresses to set her apart from other girls and to show the gentle nature of the girl it will be light because it follows the conventions of indie style clothing. It will also need to be nice enough to be able to wear at 6th form too.

the props we used were as follows:

  • gun
  • car
  • phone
  • school bags
  • keys
the reason we had used these as props was because they all have a part to play in our music video this is the reason why we decided to use them.

things that inspire me

John Perez

John perez has worked with many of the biggest names in the music and film industry his videos are innovative and could be used to gain new ideas for the music video looking at his videos would be best for forming ideas.

300 the movie lighting

The lighting in the movie is dark this shows that there is still struggle ahead this could be incorporated into the music video if possible to give added effect to the video. It would give the effect of something bad coming should look like.

conventions of genre essay

When making a music video it is very important to look at the conventions of that genre. This is so when we make our video it follows all the same conventions of that type of music or even breaks the conventions in the same way other indie videos break them. Not all indie music videos follow the strict conventions set but largely keep to them this is important to know as it will become helpful when we plan for our videos.
The camera shots that are used in indie songs are largely the same. They never really take longshot its always medium shots or medium longshot it also uses close ups often to show the face of the singer. In snow patrol- chasing cars this is apparent if you watch the video you notice that the singers face is always a focus of the camera and not his surroundings. Another song that proves this is by Marc Foster- I was broken in his music video nearly all of the shots are close ups of him and Kristen Stewart therefore showing that this is a convention of indie music and something that can be used in our videos or even just using medium longshot would suffice to fulfil this convention.
The lighting in indie music is largely natural for example sunlight. This is shown in snow patrols chasing cars video. Even looking at other indie music like Florence and the machine all her music videos are largely lit by natural lighting. The few times that it’s not lit up by natural light are rare therefore this shows that the conventions of indie music videos is light and natural.
Editing is very important in indie music videos they use many different types of editing to make the videos look good. In snow patrol there is editing the one bit of editing that stands out most is the change between light then becoming night time in a second. This means when I make my video I need to look at these kinds of editing to be able to keep to the conventions of indie music. But not all indie music videos are heavily edited this means that even if we do not edit a lot and put in tons of special effects it would still be sticking to the conventions of the indie genre.
The surroundings on the set of indie music videos are natural surroundings like fields and some even feature in cities. This means that the set props are just the natural surroundings nothing really needs to be placed specifically as it needs to be as natural as possible. The costumes the people wear are simple clothing but they are bright natural and warm colours this means when I make my video those costumes must reflect these conventions or at least have the hint of those conventions. In Florence and the machines videos she is mostly wearing light bright colourful dresses this is because it is a convention.

Indie music videos are mostly always narrative this is because the music videos almost always directly relate to the lyrics of the song or at least relate to it in some way. The lyrics are almost like the story of the video therefore when I make my video I must be able to do the same and make sure the lyrics are telling the story of video as it is the conventions of the indie genre. Some indie music like snow patrol: chasing cars use conceptual form so this could also be an option for the video.
Cultural references
Indie music videos do not relate to any culture they are for everyone they do not single out a specific group of people to watch their video’s the references made in indie music videos are almost always about love or other human emotions that everyone can relate to.
From looking at these conventions I have found all the types of conventions that my music video must follow when I need ideas I can look back on this essay and gain more ideas. It will help me stick to the conventions and not break it completely but it can also show me where I can break conventions slightly.

we media

we media is media that we the consumers create this could be in news stories that have taken extracts from social media like twitter. This is a citezen reporter therefore we media is anything that consumers create for other people to consume but they do not belong to a specific journalist groups. People who study media say that by 2021 citezen reporters will make up over 50% of all media this means that big companies must increase interactivity to be able to keep on top in media if they dont they can be overrun by other businesses