Monday, 7 November 2011

RIP Marco Simioncelli

The death of 24 year old Marco Simoncelli in the Malaysia grand prix caused a media rush all different news broadcasters reported on his death it was put on all media platforms. even iPhone uses with the eurosport app got a message on their phone telling them of the death of Marco. It came a week after the death of Dan Wheldon the media says this highlights the danger of motor sports which has now become an ongoing debate. After his death webmasters of his offical website have used the website as an online memorial for everyone to pay their respects to a truly gifted man. his death caused a state of shock and mourning all over italy. AC Milan the team Marco supported dedicated their win against Lecce to him and wore the black armband as a sign of respect. but what was most of all touching was how many people went to the town of birth for Marco's the town is called Coriano. The italian media where shocked and heartbroken with one presenter who was close to him crying on air, even a week after his death it is still a story that the italian press keep posting this is because italy as a nation is in grief. The moto GP riders payed tribiute to their fellow rider by putting up a banner and every single one of the riders had the number 58 on their uniform and their bikes in valencia. He was much loved in italy and he was a bright spark in the italian sports scene.
Ciao Marco Simoncelli Grande Campioni

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