Monday, 7 November 2011

costumes & props

The type of clothing that the actor in the video will have is indie styled to go with the genre of the video. It will be a suit because the boy will be going to 6th from so would need to be smartly dressed but the suit would still need to have some indie style to it therefore the trousers should be skinny jeans as a way of incorporating both styles into one.

The girl will be wearing light colourful dresses to set her apart from other girls and to show the gentle nature of the girl it will be light because it follows the conventions of indie style clothing. It will also need to be nice enough to be able to wear at 6th form too.

the props we used were as follows:

  • gun
  • car
  • phone
  • school bags
  • keys
the reason we had used these as props was because they all have a part to play in our music video this is the reason why we decided to use them.

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