Monday, 21 November 2011

shooting script questions

a.       What do you need to show to establish environment? To establish the environment that we wish to convey we will need to use natural lighting and bright colours. The surroundings also need to be natural and mostly forest like areas or anywhere with plant life as it follows the convention of this genre of music.                                                                                                                      
b.      When do you show establishing info? 
this will be done from the beginning to try and build the story up from the start and hopefully make it east to follow.                                                                                                        
c.       When do characters move and how to show movement (follow character / make shot wider / let character leave frame / show another character’s eye line change) when characters move we will largely be following them just to see what they do this creates the effect of being there with the character.                                                                                                                                         
d.      If relevant, at each significant moment, whose POV are we sharing - does POV shift? When / how? At one point of our music video we will share the point of view of the boy this will be done by seeing through his eyes this will be done by using the camera right in front of the eyes of the boy so it looks like it’s his eyes we are seeing through.                                                               
e.      What are significant eye lines and when do they change?                                                                            
f.        When / why does the camera move? The camera will move with to keep the character in shot this will be done so the audience can develop a full understanding of what’s happening and why. It will make it easier to tell the story through the music video.                                                            
g.       How can you use composition to show relationships / develop narrative (framing, focal length, arrangement of characters, etc)? to show a relationship we must plan carefully how the characters are placed or even just the facial expressions as this will show the audience what relationship they have with particular characters.                                                                                                           
h.      What kind of coverage do you need (critical moments should have more coverage / more editing options)? For the in the forest scene this will be the part of the video with most coverage but at other points in the music video that will need more editing is the part where the boy is watching the girl this is because it will be showing his love and his madness at the same time so clever editing may be needed.  


  1. Make sure question b is answered. Go through each and see if you can include a range of media terminology in your explanations. Think about the words you know to do with cinematography, editing and sound from AS.