Monday, 21 November 2011

health and safety

I will now go through the health and safety hazards we could encounter and how we would avoid these and keep safe while filming our music video:
·         Don’t climb tress- this goes without saying but climbing trees while we film in the forest should be avoided at all costs to avoid injury
·         Do not stand on any chairs to film only on safe and stable platforms- this is because again we avoid injury this way if we ever needed to film a high level shot
·         Make sure we travel to filming destinations safely and plan in advance- this is to minimise risk of being unsafe and planning will help everyone keep safe and know where they should go.
·         Notify a parent or guardian the exact location of where you will be filming- this is so people will know where to find you in cases of emergency and to prevent worry.
·         Keep away from train tracks during filming- this is because it may not be the safest place for a large group of people to film therefore we will not film near a train track
·         Do not use dangerous items for props- this is to prevent injury anything that could cause injury should be avoided

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