Sunday, 20 November 2011

Clay Shirky Essay

Media has changed so much over the past 20 years it’s almost unrecognisable. The emergence of the internet has made all the past media practises line up side by side. This is because now every newspaper local or national, radio station, Film Company and even telephone services are available for use on the internet. This is how far media has gone as present Clay Shirky says this. Internet has also transformed the audience’s role in media before the audience were passive and just consumed media but now they are becoming the leading produces in media too. Shirky said that now the audience are the leading produces in media they even out produce professional media companies.
Shirky says that new media only becomes socially interesting when we begin to take it for granted this is because we all learn how to use it and can use it in new ways so we can make it more attractive to the audience . Shirky also says that internet media is ‘global, ubiquitous and cheap’. Shirky uses China as an example of media development, China is a country that is universally secretive the Chinese government does not allow all the news go global as a form of social control. An example of this was an earthquake that hit china was not reported on the worlds press until 3 months after it had hit but due to the rise of social media people connected in china and came the rise of the citizen reporter the next time an earthquake hit it was already known to the world press as it happened this showed that the ‘great firewall of china’ can be overcome from the audience reporting on incidents due to this breach in news china has banned social media.
Due to these changes in media it is now reported that we media will overtake professional media outlets. Audiences changed from being passive to being more active members of media. Shirky says that this has never been seen before as now it’s not only the audience talking back to the media companies but to other members of the audience which is the biggest and most uncontrollable form of media right now.

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