Monday, 31 October 2011

relevant questions

What is the video’s theme?
The video’s theme is based on obsession and love it also deals with rejection as the girl is oblivious to the boy’s feelings. It’s going to be about a boy who falls in love with a girl but becomes obsessed and begins stalking her and he lives in a dream state world where she feels the same but the reality is the opposite he then kidnaps her to try and make her fall in love with him but it doesn’t work and he has to deal with the rejection by her.
What are its mood progressions?
The boy goes from being totally in love to obsessed when he reaches this point he is unhinged and dangerous. The girl will go from being happy and smiling a lot too being scared and upset, also angry with the boy for the kidnap.
What kind of location should each sequence have?
Natural surroundings will be the main location of the video although some scenes will take place in cafes and at school and in houses.
What statement should each location make towards the video’s premise?
Each location shows that even in normal calm surroundings. It will show that terrible things can happen in normal places and the forest setting is to show how the boy has gone crazy and shows the girl being trapped in an inescapable forest.
How should each set be lit?
the lighting will be natural and bright this follows the conventions of the indie genre
What kind of props go with the set?
We will need a:
  • car
  • picnic hamper
  • loads of pictures of the girl
  • book called enduring love
  • books and pens
  • wallet
  • red rose
  • party invitations
  • handkerchief
  • gun (fake)
  • scissors
What kind of belongings do the characters keep around them?
The boy will have a picture of the girl on his person at all times.
What kind of clothes does each character wear and what do the clothes tell us?
The boy will wear skinny jeans and a blazer with a shirt. This will show how he is different from other people and his look is becoming more popular in society now. The girl will also be wearing indie styled clothing bright natural colours.
 What colour palette and progression would promote the video’s thematic development?
In our editing we are already thinking of using black and white imagery to show part of the boys mind is dark and evil or that the events that are going to occur are dark.

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