Sunday, 29 January 2012

what has been the impact of internet on media production part 1

Shirkey said ‘all forms of media is migrating online’. A way that this can be proved is when you look at video games. Before video games where only played by one person or two if there was someone with them but now gaming systems have gone online in the form of PlayStation network and Xbox live people can play with others from all over the world due to game systems migrating online. So now instead of playing alone now they can play with as many as 20 people from all around the world at the same time. This shows that more and more media producers are moving to the internet. While Xbox live is affordable it is not free its online system and layout is unique. PlayStation network is free and again its layout and system is very different and the online games are not as heavily watched by administrators as Xbox live is. Games that are most heavily online are Call of Duty and Battlefield. Call of Duty started as an offline one player game but as the PlayStation network was created the game migrated to the internet as well. This proves that my and shirkey’s point that all forms of media is migrating online. Another form of media that has been changed is music. With internet becoming so important in modern day life businesses had to make sure that their businesses were rolling with the times. Apple did this on the largest scale by releasing the itunes store on this app and website people can purchase music videos and music in general. Following this release all of the music producers want their songs on the iTunes store.
In the past, printing media used to be purely printing news, where people buy the paper to catch up with the latest news. They also include leaflets and 60-70 page booklets. Presently they have become more online based rather than just print. In the future newspapers will just be fully online as the actual paper format becomes extinct. Even TV will need to change to keep up with this online media. Now we can watch TV on online TV companies an example of this is BBC iPlayer from this website we can now watch previous days programmes when ever we want so now there isnt much of a schedule when it comes to viewing TV. In the past the TV companies had complete control of what is shown and at what times. The BBC for example set out a list of programmes without having to consult with the viewers but now they listen more to the viewers to keep their ratings up. In the future TV will be interactive and more of an online media than it is currently. Internet TV's are already in production now but as times go on it will be more interactive too the point that internet shopping and ordering takeaway can be done from your TV alone.

The internet also gave birth to a new form of audience. They are now more active in the media circle. This is because the internet allows people to share their ideas with each other and even in some cases test theories. Now professional media companies are being out performed by the audience the growth in prosumers has been phenomenal the internet allows people to create media for themselves and their own consumption. An example of a website that shows user generated content is YouTube. YouTube allows people to upload their videos which other people consume this is because the internet has made it possible. In the past media was mainly produced by media companies but presently the internet has more user generated content. Even news reporting has been affected by prosumers with more citizen reporters telling the news on social networking sites like Facebook or twitter. The future of the prosumers will most likely be that they will be viewed more than media companies and unless media companies change media in the future could be almost completely user generated.
With the rise in use of internet it also challenges the media companies that are around. One major challenge faced by the music and film industry is piracy. This has become a problem as it results in a loss in sales, shops are losing money due to lack of physical purchase. The media blame organized crime as being the biggest exporter of pirate films and songs. But this is not always the case. The media companies get statistics in an unusual way they see how many pirate items are sold for each film and then if 1 million people downloaded it they say that is 1 million lost customers even though this is not always the case. Some people download illegally due to not wanting to fund the artist’s lifestyle if they do not particularly agree with how they go about their life.

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  1. Target: ensure you give specific examples of how two different media industries have adapted to the impact of media in the online age in relation to each of your points/sections. So two media industries per section is a must.