Monday, 30 April 2012

final ancillary advert

the reason why we had developed this advert was because we thought it went well with the name of the album which is unrest and especially our music video. we thought that it would almost give you an insight in the  mind of the singer himself and show distorted his mind is. we used these colours to show exactly how mad his mind is. we used big letters and white to make sure its perfectly visible. we also decided to put our digipak cover on it to show what the album will look like. we tried to make it seem authentic by saying its on iTunes. we decided to choose this theme as it links up well with the theme of our video.

we designed this one to be a direct link between our music video and the advert. we fulfilled the conventions in this by using natural light natural surroundings as well. we decided our actor should be prominent in this picture. we made sure he had the same clothes on as he does in the video again this is done to strengthen the link between this product and the music video. we tried to make the lettering stand out by making it bold and gave all the right information needed. this was done to make it authentic as well as having the HMV logo on it and the riddle records sign in the centre of the bottom on this advert.

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  1. Record yourself talking about this and add it to the post. Talk the audience through all the design ideas. Think about the purpose, use and effect of: colour;
    layout; and
    typography (front size, style, colour)

    and what these suggest about the artist and hpow they appeal to the audience.