Wednesday, 23 May 2012

"the impact of the internet is revolutionary" plan

“The impact of the internet on the media is revolutionary” Discuss

Start off with Shirkey’s quote ‘all media is migrating online’ and then talk about the start of the music industry and how it’s changed through the years like so:
·         18th century
Music only made its way around by way of live concerts and manuscripts of songs being sold
·         19th century
Sheet music still dominated
·         20th century
Phonograph invented by Thomas Edison it was able to read metal music sheets after it was upgraded by other inventors, record companies born like Columbia records and Decca records. The music industry then moved to vinyl’s then to cassettes and then to CD’s.
·         21st century
Internet stores opened after iTunes was opened in 2003 it changes the music industry and the way music is sold and listened too. This is along with Apple product iPod. YouTube and VEVO change how people listen to music and shows that the music industry is firmly online and growing. This move online brings the new problem of piracy with businesses like Napster being closed due to file sharing.
·         Future of music industry
Moby says that instead of massive record labels singers will start setting up their own record labels to keep the proceeds of their work entirely to themselves rather than giving a percentage to big labels like Sony. This will make it easier for new talents to shine through (example would be usher signing Justin Bieber to his label and Jessie J being discovered)
Discuss the changes in the audience due to the internet. And the demands they have now that they didn’t have before ( example they are more active now than before in the past they was passive in all industries but with YouTube and other social networking sites more people are becoming singers because of the online media and its involvement with the music industry.
Then discuss how due to the internet being on smart phones its only served to increase the connectivity and interactivity between people and how its served the music industry.
Now talk about online gaming and how it ties in with Tapscotts and Williams theories of Wikinomics
Talk about how PS2 and Xbox operated before the introduction of internet.
Then mention the new PS3 systems and Xbox 360 system and how the internet has changed the whole dimension of gaming in today’s world.
I will then need to talk about the biggest selling game of today’s market call of duty. I will talk about how popular it was before and how with the help of the internet it has now become the biggest selling game in history

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