Wednesday, 9 May 2012

my final evaluation!!!

A2 Music Video Evaluation Part 1A2 Music Video Evaluation Part 2


  1. "in my first presentation it has questions 1 and 2 of my evaluation while the other presentation has questions 3 and 4 (ignore the title its not just question 3)" - can you make the changes necessary so you don;t need this little explanation? I know what you mean because I've seen the work in progress but an uninitiated reader might get a little confused!

  2. Question 1 - Slide 7 - conventions - check your phrasing. I had to read that a few times to get it. Can you improve the phrasing.

    Conventions - using your conventions research and planning, what other conventions have you conformed to / subverted? How? Why?

    Question 4 - slide 19 - scope to really go to town on the use of Final Cut Pro. You know loads about it - how did you use it in the construction stage. Think about every function of it.