Sunday, 15 April 2012

advert conventions

This magazine advertisement of Kings of Leon just has a blurry picture of what is a beach since there are palm trees and sunlight. The title of the band is at the top in a big font. The title of the album is in the same font and colour except a bit smalller so that the artist's name stands out more. The release date of the poster is in a similar font. The title ' Come Around Sundown' fits in with the beach/sun theme of the poster. I think it's a really simple but effective poster. The poster also looks vintage, like it was made in the 60s which also goes with the indie image that Kings of Leon have.

the snow patrol name is in bold red to make it stand out against the white background it has all the information for one of their gigs and also has information on the album release.  The large picture draws attention to the advertisment and all the sponsers that are with snow patrol.

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  1. have a look at the top grade examples I gave you and see if you can develop this piece further.

    In addition here are some ideas - not an exhaustive list, just ideas.
    Kings of Leon - what message is being conveyed by the blurry shot of the palm trees and sunblight?
    What is significant about the typography?
    Why do you think it is effective?
    Snow Patrol - what is signified by the colours used?
    What is significant about the subject, composition and positioning of the key image?
    What is significant about the use of typographhy?
    What other infirmation is included? How and why?