Sunday, 15 April 2012

digipak conventions

from these digipak front covers in the indie conventions i can see that art is a big part of the apperence of the digipak this will therefore make it easier to decide how to go forward with the front cover of the digipak we will create. abstract art is very normal in the indie music digipaks. Even down to the colours both are different even though they are in the same genre. snow patrol digipak cover has dark colours but it also has a focus on the bright colour white which is a convention of the indie genre. the Kings of Leon digipak has a very bright and colourful cover with the abstract art in the centre almost depicting a fight between light and dark. this could be done to show the kind of songs that will be on the album. it also could be the relation to the name of the album 'only by the night' which would justify the use of dark colours in a indie cover.

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  1. Use the examples I gave you to help develop this post in greater detail. It is rather sparse.

    Analyse each album cover in DETAIL. Consider image, colour, typography, layout, framing, connotations, significations.

    Analyse the whole of the digipak, not just the front cover.