Sunday, 15 April 2012

initial branding

Before deciding names of the song the artist and the albums we decided to ask friends and other people what they thought of the names. The artist is called Oliver Fox, the album will be called Unrest and the song we made will be called Nights of broken sleep. In this post i will give a general view of the audience to each of the names.

What do you think of the name Oliver Fox?
The people i asked loved the name and said it gave an exciting image to the artist. They also said that it was easy to remember as it is so different from other artists which made it different and more likely to stand out to the audiences. i had asked 10 people this questions and 9 out of 10 said they liked it and that it fit in nicely with the conventions of indie music.

What do you think of the album name 'Unrest'?
Again i asked the same people what they thought of this name and 10 out of 10 said they liked the name. They said that it was very appropriate given the name of our song and that if fits in with the short snappy album names that are being released today.

What do you think of the song name 'Nights of broken sleep'?
When i asked if they liked the name of the song 8 out of 10 people said they liked the name of this song name as the main theme is obsessive love they thought that the name was very approriate. The two people who didnt like it stated that they felt it was too over the top in sadness and could of toned it down a bit.

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