Sunday, 15 April 2012

final digipak version analysis

the front cover of this digipak is very artisitc and has the same themed colouring of the digipak it draws the attention of the audience. The images in the digipak consist of natural surroundings nature being a big theme in this digipak and is one of the conventions of indie music videos therefore it follows the convetions very well. throughout our digipak we have gone for images of nature like on our top two (centre and right side) both incorporate nature as its what fits into the indie music conventions. we picked the colours we did because we found other indie digipaks often use bright colours. it also serves the purpose of showing our singer not in the right state of mind this is done to fit in with the name of the album which is unrest. we felt this would be best shown with different colours. we also thought it was important to show our singer which also follows the conventions. he is wearing pretty much the same clothing as he does in the video this is to create the link between the digipak and our music video.

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  1. Take us through this item by item, element by element explaining in detail what you have done, why you have done it, how it represents your artist and how it appeals to your audience.

    Try and repost the image so it can be enlarged and seen more clearly. Might just need to re-upload it using the insert image function.