Monday, 30 April 2012

Storyboard analysis

In this picture i have the first scenes of our video we have the opening credits we show the name of the with the song name. it will be on the chalk board at school to show the opening title. The other pictures depict the main character stalking the girl he loves outside Starbucks this is the main section of our story and we show him shooting her also at the end with the story ending with darkness. we have mostly gone for medium shots this is because they fill the conventions of indie music videos and because it is the most effective way to see the story from the point of view of the main character. we felt that this would be good for the story as it shows obsessive love and the song is about love so the two do fit in together. this is the point you realise that the main character is deranged and dangerous. we added a school scene this is too show how he met the girl and to give the audience an idea of the age the character is.
in this section of the story board we see the main character taking the girl hostage. the camera shots are now closer and we have also included some performance clips so its not completely narrative this is to make people understand that the main character is in fact our singer Oliver Fox. it also shows his regret at killing the girl he loves and even shows him in the car reconsidering the kidnap. this is to show the human side is still there and he is conflicted by his obsession and love for this girl. on the scenes he shows regret we have done close ups this is to show how conflicted he is about the situation and the audience can he how much trouble he is having deciding if he should do this or not.
in this page we see his obsession in full as he has pictures of the girl all over his room and it shows his hearts desire which is holding hands with the girl and having a picnic which he replicates later on but instead forces her rather than her being there willingly like his fantasy. it again has another performance clip to show the band as a whole. this also shows where he first meets the girl and where his obsession begins.

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